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"I have worked with Verna for over a year now. If it wasn’t for our collaboration and her coaching, I would not be finished my book by now. Verna has helped me with my writing process, from idea to finished draft, through ups and downs, lack of faith and other challenges. She designs coaching meetings with specific client needs at heart, always great structure, but also space to just talk, as necessary. This helps with focus and brings relaxation to the whole process. I always feel that I get the job done between meetings, and Verna is diligent in following up with me, per our agreement. I can recommend Verna with all my heart. She has so much knowledge and experience wrapped in a lovely, caring and calm person." Ingunn Flølo., Norway

"Verna has been very helpful in guiding me through the book creation process, which helps me stay focused in what I enjoy the most - the writing. Thanks for your insight!" Les Robertson., Canada


Insights & Inspiration

Weight Release 2022 (22).png


The journey of healing from obesity has moments of catharsis because you are not just shedding physical weight and volume; you are releasing all the "emotional weight" that had you overweight in the first place.



Expect to come face-to-face with emotions you previously stuffed with food.

Expect surprises - like not actually feeling as thrilled with your weight-shedding as you thought you would be.
Expect to bounce back with more enthusiasm every single time!

Expect the unexpected.

Expect people to not always get how or why you are transforming your life.

Expect to feel bad for heaven-knows-what, as you confront your emotional triggers instead of stuffing them.

Expect to learn that the occasional void you feel is actually the eggshell cracking open to your happiest self.

Expect pointlessness and the urge to give up. Ah! Now that is the one that has us returning to our "normal" (fat) every single time.

Expect to lovingly learn how to not return to the old, self-sabotaging habits.

I promised myself on November 28, 2021 that I would do it.

For the first time, I would take it all the way, with a slow, consistent, holistic, whole-person approach. I would be mindful of how I'm thinking, feeling, and responding to life. I would do this prayerfully, meditatively, slowly, consistently, and as self-loving as I could possibly do it.

And that is precisely what I have done.

And there are surprises!


And so, I share this experience for two reasons:


First, I am fascinated by discoveries and new observations, and therefore I love to express them.
Secondly, anything that I discover to be true and noteworthy on my life journey, I w
ant others to benefit from it too.

This journey has felt surreal. I am grateful for my determination, will, and stamina, and, of course, proud of my efforts. BUT, I have had moments along the way that have KICKED MY ASS big-time, and it was NOT expected. The feelings have been shrouded in silent, inner statements to self that go something like these:

- I can't do this, not all the way. It's just not ME.

- It's pointless because I will gain all the weight back.

- I don't even feel like I have shed any weight at all. I don't feel any different, like I thought I would.

These feelings, so I have painfully discovered, are rooted in one truth that hits us like a brick in the face. I don't care how much you thought you knew it would be this way (as I knew too) when you realize it in real-time REALITY, it feels odd. It is this:

No matter if you are obese, a little chubby, medium, or thin ... you will ALWAYS be YOU, and you will always FEEL like YOU!

We become obese from not liking that SELF that we are and/or from the way people have treated us. Something about ourselves or the world feels unkind to us, and we know what it's like to not feel protected, validated, seen, or heard.

That something inside craves (and needs) acknowledgement, support, and healing, but when we find no access to any of that we reach for extra food, fatty food, or high-sugar food because, just like alcohol to an alcoholic, it gives us temporary reprieve from emotional pain - the deep inner wounds that we feel cannot be healed.

So, when you make honest attempts to shed years of a LOT of fat from your body by suddenly ACTING DIFFERENTLY - by responding to life in new, healthier ways, at some point you WILL come face-to-face with yourself and all the things that caused you to repetitively partake in unnecessary eating in the first place.

For me it has been anxiety, and that shocks me to even realize it!


It's the "I will never be good enough" image.

It's the inner self-talk that says, "Who am I to write this book?" for example (Hence, during the writing of my FIRST book, back in 2011, I gained about 25 lbs!)

It's the "Who do you think you are to become beautiful?" - that old self-image from childhood.

It's every drop and drip of verbal abuse, abandonment, challenges in single-parenting, financial hardship, and poor self-image from decades ago.

We can PARTIALLY heal from a lot of things, but that healing is mostly about MANAGING them instead. We get by. We listen to all the crap advice that says, "Be STRONG!" and "Just be POSITIVE"

And so, we try.


We go to work, raise our kids, behave ourselves, be a friend, do kind deeds, take care of all our worldly responsibilities, all while doing our best to smile and, yes, BE STRONG.


Then when we find ourselves 100 lbs overweight and addicted to food (or something else) and we decide to change, ALL OF IT comes to the surface.

Deal First with the Weight that is On the Inside


If we do not deal with the "weight" that is on the INSIDE, the weight of our tormented souls, any physical weight we lose won't mean a thing to us. We will gladly gain it back because that is what makes the most sense to us.

I welcome you to step up to a new level of being. I am sticking to my promise from a year ago, to do this ALL THE WAY to completion, not only for the sake of living in a slim body. (Hey, I have known countless slim people who were an emotional wreck). But I will complete it for the sake of OVERCOMING what is hard to overcome, to face what is real, and give it room to "speak and be heard."


Healing is happening with every single act of listening within.

Healing is happening when we express unashamedly.

Healing CANNOT happen when we hide and pretend.


I LOVE how Brene Brown puts it:


"If you put shame in a Petri dish, it needs three things to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence and judgment."

Thankfully, she shares a more hopeful truth as well:


"If you put the same amount of shame in a Petri dish and douse it with empathy, it can’t survive,"

Shed obesity by dousing every part of you (especially your inner world) with empathy. You're going to need to do that.



I was COMMITTED - committed to discovering and generating BREAKTHROUGH in this one area of my life!


I am committed to the same for YOU!


If you have struggled with obesity, I am here to support you all the way to FREEDOM!

I will not hide one aspect of the process. I will be an open book because too many have suffered and continue to suffer. The diet industry banks on our weakness, and that needs to end NOW.

We can be GENUINELY strong, from the inside out. Click the button below to learn about my Holistic Weight Release coaching, and book a FREE consultation session.

Empowerment Coach & Transformational Author

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