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Welcome to a world of empowerment and transformation!

Hi! I'm Verna, a published author and dedicated life coach with a burning passion for women's empowerment. My journey has taken me from Canada to the vibrant landscapes of South America and beyond, as well as connecting with women all over the world through the power of the internet.

Releasing over 85 pounds of body fat from 2021-2022, after decades of yo-yo dieting, an eating disorder, and obesity, ignited a fire within me to empower other women over forty to discover their own path to freedom and self-love.

In January 2023, I embarked on an incredible journey with a group of amazing women, guiding them through a series of 30-day and 14-day weight release challenges. Their stories and testimonials speak volumes about the impact of our work together. (read what they had to say, and learn more about how YOU can be assisted in Weight Release).

I'm excited to continue this incredible journey with YOU, supporting you every step of the way as we unlock your potential, break through barriers, and embrace the freedom you deserve.

Join me on this empowering adventure, and together, we'll create a brighter, more confident, and fulfilled version of you. Private, one-on-one coaching and/or group work available

Let's make your dreams a reality!

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Verna Lee Bowen
Nonfiction Author
and Life Coach

My Services

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