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Join the 5-Day Challenge, IMPLEMENT & THRIVE - The 7 PILLARS of Success, and transform your business!

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Join the 5-Day Challenge, "IMPLEMENT & THRIVE - The 7 PILLARS of SUCCESS," and Give Your Coaching Business A Firm Foundation

What We Will Cover

INTENTION: Clarity of aim for your coaching. 

NECESSITY: Laser focus on WHY it is important.

SUPPORT: People, systems, and resources

PLAN: Blueprint for all areas of your business.

INSPIRATION: Tools to fuel energy daily.

RESULTS: Success markers, monitoring, and momentum.

EXCELLENCE: Tossing "perfection" out the window; Embracing YOUR BEST YOU.

Features: Workbook exercises daily. Community of supporters. Collaboration.

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What workshop participants and clients are saying: 

"Implement and thrive challenge ... a heartfelt testimonial. 
Verna does a great job of talking from her heart, it’s her gift and superpower. And she seems to answer questions that are lurking in me. How do I start my business? Where do I begin? What are the strategies I need? What foundations do I need in place? And most importantly, what’s the reason I am embarking on this line of work, and how do I remain steadfast on my journey? I could go on and on. Congratulations on taking this massive step in your entrepreneurial journey, by joining this group and accepting Verna’s invitation." - Nafisah Nuhu-koko, Life Coach, Bristol, UK

"Verna's challenge, Implement & Thrive, is a powerful look at the information we, as coaches, want to look at to ensure we are clear on the service we deliver so we can do just that, Implement and Thrive. I am so grateful that I took this challenge. It really helped me clarify my what, why and when. Give it a go. You'll be glad you did." - Charmaine Grace, Coach and Professional Speaker at Your Next Step to Possibility, Ontario, Canada

"Verna takes you into a journey where you are able to meet your blocks to living the life you want to live. Her courses are very structured and her video training is informative and inspiring. She takes you through a process of listening within so that you can dream even bigger. That can be a scary thing, but the support you get from the group around you also helps you to take that step. I would encourage you to participate in one of Verna's courses!"  - Harriet Fagerholm, Coach and Author, Helsinki, Finland.

"Verna has been a light in my life.  She is truly a gift, and I cannot say how grateful I am that we crossed paths.  No matter what may be happening in your life, I say if you are fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to be coached by Verna, then you have been blessed.  Verna, you have made a beautiful impact on me and my life.  Thank you from my heart."  
- Rhonda Anderson, Calgary, AB

"Verna is able to engage the group in discussions that are close to everyone's heart, providing a comfortable safe environment, making everyone feel at ease. I would recommend attending any workshops that she is facilitating.” 
- H. Grant

"Verna got me thinking.  She opened up my mind & heart to issues in my life that I need to work on to move forward.  Having her help me with some goal setting and getting started with journaling was a stepping stone in my journey to find peace & happiness in all aspects of my life!"  - Donna G., Calgary, AB