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"If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

The question rarely is about, "Can I do this?" It is most always about, "Do I really want to do this?" 

Your job as a woman coach who leads others is to commit to becoming clear on your vision and ultimate mission, go out in hot pursuit of making it happen, and celebrate the realization of it. My job is to inspire and guide you, using tools that elicit personal creativity and empowerment, so that you have unstoppable momentum and expansion.

Let's begin that journey! Here are my suggested options:

Option 1: Download the FREE guide, Empowered Life - Five Steps for Creating a Life You LOVE (more information when you click the link). Complete the exercises on each of the Five Steps. 

Option 2: Buy Implement & Thrive - The 7 Pillars of Success e-book (more information when you click the link). Read about all 7 Pillars, and complete the exercises for each. OR go directly to Option 3, and get the e-book for free. 

Option 3: Sign up for the 5-Day Program, Implement & Thrive - The 7 Pillars of Success for women coaches and elevate your coaching business! Learn at your own pace via five daily modules with video training and exercises, and then book your BONUS Coaching Session (60 minutes).

To Your Big Success,
- Verna 

Empowered Life
Free Workbook/Guide

Five Steps for Creating a Life You Love
With Guided Exercises to:

Clarify and Design Life Goals

Identify and Outwit obstacles

Speak Your Vision

Gain Momentum

Expand and Soar!


Implement & Thrive

The 7 Pillars of Success
With Guided Exercises to:

Set Intentions & Necessity

Explore Support Options

Build a Success Blueprint

Stay Inspired

Create Results with Excellence

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Coaching with Verna

Where are you in your business as a woman coach?

What breakthrough do you most desire?

Would you love to create coaching packages, courses, or ebooks?

Your dream is your possibility.

Show up as the expert you really are! Let's begin!

Meet Me for Coffee

Design & Deliver a Killer Online Course

Four Modules in an Easy to Follow E-Book Format

- 70 Presentation Slides
- Three Course Types
- Optional Course Features
- Design Tools
- Software & Hardware
- Structure & Design
- Delivery Essentials 
- Hands-on Exercises
- Resource Links

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