Set Measurable Goals
& Create Strategies

Set, modify, and expand your goals for 2022.  Create implementation strategies with input of wisdom, ideas, and creativity from other women leaders.

Get Peer Support
through Open Sharing

Share wins and challenges along the way, and be supported. Human connection is well documented as one of the most powerful success factors.

Give and Receive Accountability for Optimal Success

Win bigger, faster, and more consistently by being held accountable to your progress by your fellow Mastermind members. Uplevel your confidence with each win!

"A fee is not the biggest thing I'm asking. The biggest thing I'm asking is that you show up and do the work" - Brian Johnson

Don't let your goals from New Year's Day drift by the wayside. There's still time to nip procrastination in the bud and make 2022 a pivotal year success-wise - a year that will beat all previous years in productivity, progression, and personal empowerment. Show up for your life and business, and we will show up for you. That is our promise to each other.

Interested in being a member of Passionate Women Leaders Mastermind? Get ready to take GREAT care ... of yourself and your business, so that you can soar! You are worth it, and your time is always NOW.

Take a moment to read through our Mastermind Process below, as well as the Standards and Ethics we value. Then read about Our Members, and see if you feel a resonance. 


Mastermind Process

Each meeting will follow an agenda based on previous meeting discussions. The agenda will be set by the facilitator, and all members will have the opportunity to submit items for discussion. Members will be sent a copy of the agenda electronically, no later than two hours before the meeting start time.

The Mastermind is primarily member hot-seat format, where each member will have individual focus on their business as well as an opportunity to share and support others.

Meetings will proceed in a timely manner, staying on course, so that all agenda items are covered in the time alotted, and will run as follows:

  • Greeting and agenda presentation, by the facilitator.
  • Hot-Seat. Each member will have10 minutes of laser focus on their business, free-form style where members choose their area of focus.
  • FIRST MEETING: The hot-seat time will center around vision, goal setting, and strategy. This will be the focus for each new member for her first meeting as well. 
  • ONGOING MEETINGS: Wins are celebrated in style - with BIG "High Fives!" Challenges are verbalized and worked through via supportive brainstorming. A solution is reached or exploration homework is decided upon.
  • OPEN SHARING. Inspiration, support, pertinent resources.
  • Meetings conclude with specific objectives, rejuvenation, motivation, and/or goals to accomplish before the next meeting.

Standards and Ethics We Abide by:

We value the personal safety and confidentiality of all members of PASSIONATE WOMEN LEADERS Mastermind and therefore abide by the following code of ethics and conduct, both within and outside the group:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY. Meetings will be recorded for the benefit of members' future reference and uploaded to a private Google Doc Folder for members of this Mastermind ONLY. The recordings are solely for MEMBER reference and may not be shared or viewed by anyone outside the Mastermind. NOTE: Each member is encouraged to share, during the meetings, only what she feels safe sharing with the group.
  • COMMITMENT. We commit to the consistent personal investment of our time and energy in the Mastermind so that we can achieve optimal results in growth, leadership, relationships, and prosperity, and so that we can positively impact our fellow members. 
  • RESPECT. As women leaders from a diverse, global community, we understand and respect each other's rights to our own values, culture, beliefs, and opinions. We adhere to high integrity in verbal and non-verbal communication with each other. This includes words, tone, gestures, and facial expressions. Respect, in this Mastermind, also means NOT offering unsolicited advice. Ask first, before giving advice of any kind.
  • COMPASSION/EMPATHY. Members are invited to share challenges in business and life, and this group is, therefore, to be experienced as a safe place to do that, knowing our challenges will be received with compassion, versus judgment, criticism, or our own biases
  • HONESTY. We adhere to clarity and forthright honesty in the Mastermind because it is how our growth and success will gain optimal momentum.  

Our Members

Members of Passionate Women Leaders are, first and foremost, invested in their own personal growth. They possess the following qualities and qualifications:

TENACITY. They are willing to move beyond their comfort zones in order to create a life that is extraordinary! They persevere with heart and passion for their mission, ever seeking help and means to overcome obstacles along the way. They are spunky and brave.

LEADERSHIP. They are entrepreneurs who are ready and seeking to grow their business by growing as a leader. The leadership values they possess include servant leadership, integrity, forthrightness, conscientiousness, kindness, and self-confidence.

GOAL-ORIENTED. They are interested in setting measurable goals and being held accountable to them. They are passionate about meeting or exceeding their goals to create that extraordinary life while serving others! They are willing to try new ideas and take action, versus just talking about it. They love to inspire and support their peers in their goals.

OPEN, POSITIVE MINDSET. They are open to giving and receiving helpful feedback. They challenge themselves and are open to being respectfully challenged by peers, as well as offering the same, as necessary and appropriate. They see past failures and disappointments as purposeful for their own growth and vocation.

GROUP-FOCUSED. They want to be part of a group of peers who can support them with helpful tools and insights. They are interested in being the same support in return. Therefore, they are attentive listeners and caring, clear communicators.

CHILL-ABLE. They welcome fun and humor, and they are able to relax, share, and laugh at themselves. They understand that business is not all about the serious stuff but, instead, that business can be fun and enlivening!

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Monthly = $429/year (11 mths @ $39USD)
Annually = $364.65/year ($429 - 15%)

This is a small, select group of no more than 10 members. We approve membership based on resonance and alignment with our core values, ethics, and member qualities.

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