relationships self-love Jun 19, 2019

It’s nothing new, really. It has been stated a thousand times before, in a hundred different ways, and yet we still ask, and we wonder.
We doubt and fear, and often we just don’t believe in love.

Love, to some, is a far away ship that never comes in, or a star too far to dream of.
It is “the dream afraid of waking” and “the heart afraid of breaking.”

So we don’t take the chance, or we keep our guard up when we do.

Will my heart be broken? Will my soul be crushed?
Will someone take and not give back?
Will I be a fool for love? Will I lose the love … or lose myself in it?
Will I love too much, or too little? Will I know how to receive it?
Will I even know HOW to love? 
Will someone leave once they see my shadows? Will they stay? 
Will I be able to live with THEIR shadow?
Will I be committed enough, independent enough, lovable enough, dependent enough, brilliant enough,...

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