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entrepreneurship Jun 24, 2020

Entrepreneurs come in all varieties. Expertise, competence, strengths, weaknesses, and natural gifts make us unique.

Six Entrepreneur Types have emerged in my observations, having coached and/or worked with nearly 300 entrepreneurs worldwide over the past decade. The Types are derived from research, academic study, and mastermind discussion with experts in psychology, social work, coaching, and personal development.

Each Entrepreneur Type has its own spectrum that overlaps most all others, and so, it should be no surprise if you notice aspects of yourself in each, with one or two Types bearing more semblance to you. (You will get an opportunity to self-evaluate after reading about the Types).

A scholarly work, by no means, this is a mere experiential, intuitive surveyance, not much different from any non-academic analysis of personality types. Use the Entrepreneur Types as you will, hopefully as insights into your roadblocks and natural strengths, so you can maximum your entrepreneurial impact.

The Six Entrepreneur Types are:

1. The Passion-preneur
You see potential and creativity everywhere, as if a resident magic dwells inside of you that you live by and feel on all levels, whether you can explain it or have it make sense to anyone else. 

Failure is non-existent in your dictionary, and when you hear it spoken, your brain quickly converts it to valuable education. Some call you a runaway train because they do not see your ever-shifting goal or map. To you, however, the vision never really changes. It simply weaves and morphs into new patterns, as your kaleidoscope view consistently shows new and delightful angles.  

Your style is not for the faint of heart or the mundane. You are brave and bold even when you are NOT. At your beckoning, courage shows up because it is more important to you than any fear of disaster or looking silly.

You are the child staring at a cookie jar that is out of reach, so you push a chair along the floor, and, finding that it too is beyond your height, you stand on the dog, who is happy to oblige, and then onto the chair, until finally, on tippy-toes, and with mere fingertips, you manage to swing the cookie jar your way. 

You always make it. And if the cookie is not the delight you expected, tomorrow you will reach for biscuits.

Rarely will any of the following play a significant role in your idea, strategy, or success:
Education. Upbringing. Public opinion. Competition. The weather. Whether statistics show your game to be risky.

Your Superpowers are:
Enthusiasm. Confidence. Creativity. Openness to criticism.

Your Achilles Heel might include:
Lack of steady focus. Disorganization. More setbacks than your more cautious, calculating colleagues. Financial upheaval. Accidents.

(Your horoscope might be Sagittarius, Gemini, or Leo, and possibly Aries or Aquarius).

Your opportunity lies in your ability to bounce back and ultimately use every experience to your advantage. If you sit still just once a week for 20 minutes to regroup and sketch a basic roadmap for your vision, you can excel with more ease and skill.

2. The Tortoise-preneur
Patience, they say, is a virtue. That phrase stuck with you from age seven when your little Virgo-esque self took it to mean this: "I just have to keep being good and doing a perfect job, no matter how long it takes ... or if anyone notices." 

You do not give up easy. Long suffering, you are driven by an ever-abiding desire to be admired and appreciated for your servanthood, goodness, and uncanny ability to perfect your role. 

You are the entrepreneur who does not quickly tell the world you are one. Instead, you work behind the scenes building a vision that you prefer to call a plan (because that is more sensible and less ethereal or grandiose). A calculated road map hangs on your wall or lies flat on a designated table, rarely a fold mark or a wrinkle interrupting its markers, tiny notes, and colorful signposts. 

You believe in your plan with a depth that means too much to you to boldly shout it to the world where wolves and eagles might crush it in its infancy. Little do you know (until at which point you fail ... if, indeed, you do) you have extreme courage to face anything! Failure, though the most intimidating of all nightmares for you, actually equips you on a level greater than that of your more flaky, bouncy, fly-by-night colleagues.

You will always start over, but it might take some time between plans and ideas to regain your bearings. A little self-discipline will be in order - your personal chastisement for not having calculated the unforeseen. You have the heart of a lion/lioness, so you will not give up without a fight, internal or otherwise. You will win, even if it means a back-door (potentially underhanded) approach when no one is looking.

Your Superpowers are:
Patience. Kindness. Service. Determination. Your ability to have others perceive you as ethical beyond the norm.

Your Achilles Heel might be:
Lack of spontaneity where it is required. Harsh judgement (of self and others). Covert dishonesty.

(Other horoscopes that might fall on this spectrum, are Pisces, Cancer, and possibly Scorpio and Taurus).

Your opportunity lies in your willingness to work hard for what you want. A long walk in nature a couple of times throughout the week can rejuvenate your spirit and generate energy so you can persist without burnout.

3. The Chill-preneur
You're a middle-of-the-road person – interested in many things but not overly passionate about any one endeavor. Your entrepreneurial heart is light, and you are happiest balancing planning with spontaneity. You are perceived as a happy rabbit, contented in almost any situation and doing well at anything you put your mind to.

Win or lose, you will forge ahead because you are interested in how things will go. Ever pursuing the new and un-tried, you are an adventurer, a team player, and one who is game for almost anything. You love to learn, simply because it is something new. 

You take failure in stride and are not all that daunted by having to start over. After all, it is all just experience and growing, right? That is your motto - use everything as a scalpel to carve intricate little patterns so that everything becomes part of a collage. Life and business are art to you, and you are always creating - connecting dots in events and relationships. Your passion is about a mid-grade, stronger on some days than others, but never a dying ember.

You might win at what you set out to accomplish, but that is not always the point. All of it is winning because you have enjoyed yourself along the way.

Your Superpowers are:
Relaxation. Lightheartedness. Humor. Sociability. Optimism.

Your Achilles Heel might be:
Lack of drive. A touch of impatience with long, boring tasks. Acceptance of defeat where, had you persisted, you might have won big.

(You might be a Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, and possibly Sagittarius or Aries).

Your opportunity lies in your congenial personality, your ability to de-stress, and your adaptability to new situations. You would do well mentored by others in your field who will magnify your unique contribution and inspire you to use your creativeness to its full potential.

4. The Driven-preneur
"Don't underestimate me," is your personal motto and brand. It is written across your forehead in loud, permanent ink. People either fear, despise, or look up to you, and most of it has to do with the temperament you choose to operate from. Leadership of others, although a resultant end game, is not as important to you as leadership of your idea.

You are first to admit your intolerance of passivity, arrogance, and greed, which is interesting because people judge YOU as arrogant until they really get to know you, possibly over a few beers.

Winning is your all-consuming drive, not merely out of a desire to win, but from a fire for justice and generating monumental positive change. You are a revolutionist, and therefore both failure and success will always fuel your passion, each on opposite ends of the healthy mindset spectrum. Failure has you seeing red and propelling forward with a charge like no other, igniting a mighty blaze that will flatten all structures of your competition. Success ignites a vast and different flame in you. Bright as the sun, possessing enough warmth for all life on planet earth, you become the gentle giant that carries all of humanity under your wing.


Your Superpowers are:
Persistence. Advocacy. Philanthropy. Vision.

Your Achilles Heel might be:
Fanaticism. Stubbornness. Intolerance. Rage. 

(Horoscopes that might fall within this spectrum are Pisces, Capricorn, and possibly Taurus and Leo).

Your opportunity lies in your conviction and dedication to positive change. You need a weekly injection of beauty, calm, and peaceful surroundings to release extreme emotions. Seek connection and collaboration also, with those who are happy to support you as encouragers and assistants.

5. The Learned-preneur
"Education is the answer. Period. One must be a fool to think otherwise." This is your ruling conviction in all decision making, big and small. Whether or not you feel passionate about something, you have an uncanny ability to abstain from moving into an idea without enrolling in a course (or several) on it.

When you set out towards a goal, you have your structures in place, each well-designed with researched facts and scientifically proven truths. Someone somewhere has already studied it, and you have plenty of proof to back up your reasons for pursuing an objective.

You are a pragmatic leader – a teacher, educator, and a business-minded visionary. Anything less than your sensible ideals is folly to you.

Winning is something you desire, but more than anything, your call is for ethically sound, well-informed strategies of doing business. You are admired for this, and nearly ALL your clientele is just like you. Your followers aspire to excellence, education, and data-rich road maps before they make big decisions.

Failure hurts you, sometimes to the point of not starting again because failure possibly means you did something very wrong, and wrong means your moral compass was off in some way. You love people, and so you bear the burden of your own mistakes that have potentially let people down. Your strong ethics can often be to your own detriment.

Your Superpowers are:
Persistence. Academic Drive. Ethics. Etiquette.

Your Achilles Heel might be:
Lack of progressive spontaneity. Harsh judgement (of self and others). Difficulty starting anew after setbacks. 

(Your horoscope is most likely Cancer or Virgo, and possibly Pisces and Scorpio).

Your opportunity lies in your strong ethics and desire for honest leadership. You would do well to surround yourself with those with similar ideals but are less stringent – people who will encourage you to always start again, gleaning insights from everything, so that you can use it all for optimal service.

6. The Soul-preneur
You are not as airy-fairy as people think you are. Just because your prime operating system lies in the realms of the spiritual/emotional does not mean your business plan lacks entrepreneurial substance. It continues to baffle you that some might never get that straight.

You are refined and intuitive in your choice of connections and strategies. Bordering on all things beautiful - your motto includes words like altruism, well-being, diplomacy, and holistic healing. There is a depth to you that is not readily detected, but your tremendous well of power within is discovered by your clients when they enter into your world of healing.

Your greatest marketing is by word of mouth from your raving fans. They talk endlessly about your grace and your unique ability to heal souls. Your success comes by allowing your natural healing abilities to be both the sunlight and the persistent river that nourish everything it touches. The words winning and losing are nearly invisible in your dictionary because your main focus is purpose, love, wellness, and strengthening of the human spirit.

Your clients are primarily a lot like you, but occasionally you convert the more staunch, pragmatic souls too, healing them from their blind spots and biases, into their intrinsic nature beyond the physical and mental. People learn from you that they are, “a spiritual being having a human experience," as Dr. Wayne Dyer often quoted the anonymous author.

Your Superpowers are:
Healing. Intuition. Aesthetics.

Your Achilles Heel might be:
Disinterest in the business side of doing business. Sensitivity to criticism. Your own unhealed wounds (that, ironically, also make you an expert in your field, but cause you grief because healing is a journey rather than a destination). 

(Your horoscope is most likely Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, and possibly Gemini).

Your opportunity lies in your unique skills for healing and deep connection with others. You would do well to team up with other entrepreneurs whose businesses can complement your own by helping with conventional marketing and business strategies.

And that is the six Entrepreneur Types. Which one(s) are you, primarily? 
Rate yourself on the spectrum of each Entrepreneur Type by asking yourself where you resonate with each one, on a scale from 1 - 10. Then, I would love to hear from you! Leave your comment on Facebook, via the link below.

Passion-preneur:  1 - 10
Tortoise-preneur:  1 - 10
Chill-preneur:  1 - 10
Driven-preneur:  1 - 10
Learned-preneur:  1- 10
Soul-preneur:  1 - 10

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Blog Post by Verna Lee Bowen, Empowerment Life Coach.