What Kind of "VERT" Are YOU?

May 12, 2021
Introversion / Extroversion is a topic that is still often misunderstood.

Introversion = shyness? No.
Extroversion = self-confidence? No.

You get your best energy from doing things on your own. It is highly satisfactory to you to work on projects by yourself.
You might or might not be shy. 

If you are a shy introvert, social situations can be difficult, and even painful, for you.
If you are NOT a shy introvert, you most likely enjoy things that require bravery, like speaking on stage (where you don’t necessarily have to mingle and do the whole small talk, chitchat thing that holds so many energies of others). On stage you get to communicate from YOURSELF to the masses, in teaching, training, motivating, or inspiring others without being interrupted.

You get your best energy from being around others. You often ask for opinions in decision making. You get bored or lonely if you have to be home by yourself. You feel “safer” somehow when you are with your “peeps."
You might or might not be shy.

If you are a shy extrovert, you are quite uncomfortable when you can’t break through to get out there socializing. You need people, and so you wish you could go out and socialize.

The only way you would ever be caught speaking on stage is if you are a very bold extrovert. (Typically, your comfort zone is in mingling, partying, chitchatting, and being with groups, but speaking on stage, where there is no back-and-forth conversation, can be a different, often scary, ball game for you).

You are almost an even mix of introvert and extrovert. You enjoy being alone quite a bit, but then you love to be around your people quite a bit as well. Both energize you, you just need to have the right balance.
You might or might not be shy.

If you are a shy ambivert, you most likely wish you could have a little more confidence because you feel the desire to socialize now and then, so shyness can be an inhibitor to your full expression of who you are.

If you are not a shy ambivert, you most likely feel quite energized and in your element when you are on stage. It is your way of communicating, teaching, and expressing while not having to be in the midst of the many energies that socializing brings. You are the person on stage who garners responses from the audience, enjoying having them speak back to you.

Introvert does not mean you are shy.

Extrovert does not mean you are bold.

Most of us are on a spectrum between introvert and extrovert, but the more extremes of the two are evident by desire to be alone or desire to be with others. One energizes us more than the other.

As an ambivert, I thoroughly enjoy my time alone, writing, designing, and creating, while listening to music. Then I love those times during the week where I get together with colleagues and friends, and we discuss our business wins/challenges, and we share ideas. and hearty laughter. I love running my workshops, and I love speaking on stage. All of it is simply full expression of who I am.

I am a bit shy, but quite self-confident. I can strike up a conversation with anybody, but I don’t feel like I have to in order to feel OK. Sometimes silence can be a measure of solid self-confidence. Sometimes silence feels peaceful.

Review the VERT Types again, and see where you fit mostly. Remember, on a sliding scale between introvert and extrovert, you are most likely somewhere between the two. Rarely is somebody 100% introvert or extrovert. Typically we are primarily one or the other. If you strike a balance between the two, then you are most likely a balanced mix of the two types - an ambivert.

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