The Wall

overcoming adversity Sep 16, 2020

Up against a wall again 
Why bother even try?
You'll crumble and you'll fall again
Might as well lie down and die

The fight's been long, and so you fear
You'll crash with one more blow
With feeble hope and fainting heart
You've nowhere now to go

The wall is high; your faith is low
But turning back, don't dare
Surrender is your only choice
And it all seems so unfair

But this is where the gold is found
In bricks of patterned clay
All woven like a masterpiece
As if they're here to stay

The wall is your cocoon, my friend
Though masked as a bitter end
It's just a new beginning, dear
Not your enemy, but your friend

Get ready to be strengthened now
The gold awaits beyond
Mediocre never was your game
You were destined to be strong

Your brokenness and restless soul
Have come to make you heal
Life's about transformation, dear
With new strength to reveal

Lean in, be still, and listen now
A brand new day is nigh
Your wings are growing stronger, friend
Tomorrow you will fly!

A wall is just a flag, a nudge
To guide you to your best
It never comes to threaten you
But to lead you to your bliss

Copyright © 2015 Verna Lee Bowen

Verna Bowen
Empowerment Coach
Author, Speaker