The Gift - Power of Belief

May 12, 2021


This little girl learned much more about miracles than how they can heal PHYSICAL APPEARANCES. Her biggest lesson was humility and grace to accept the things she could NOT change and to indeed change the things she could.

My kindergarten picture below was taken AFTER two corrective eye surgeries (that obviously didn't work very well, except to successfully lift the droopy lid of my right eye). So, I swiftly learned I was “different” once school started, and I vowed I would change it.

I confronted God over and over throughout my Christian upbringing. Hearing stories of healing and miracles, I uttered in earnest, “If it’s true that anything’s possible, prove it! Heal my eyes!!!” I was furious, hurting, and frustrated ... for most of my childhood, so I INSISTED that this "God" show me the truth once and for all.

In all truth, my eyes never completely healed, but the profound healing that did take place was in how I was divinely guided to manage my deformity enough to make it not noticeable.

The deeper lessons and realizations I gleaned were more about deformity being a gift.


  1. A deformity quickly shows you your uniqueness. For most, it takes a lifetime to learn that we are truly unique - all of us - and that nobody can ever take our place. When you have an obvious scar, you are quickened in several ways to: seek to be brave, search for answers, dig deep into spirituality and test the truth of it, develop your intuition - your sense of others ... who is mean spirited and who is not ... for your own safety at first, but once you have mastered it, you have a skill for life. You grow to have very little desire to fit in because, well, you are acutely aware that you can NEVER fit in 100%.

  2. You develop wisdom and indelible strength beyond your years. That wisdom and strength comes from someplace beyond your own self/ego, and it includes empathy - the ability to see the world through other's pain, because you, yourself, have known extreme pain.

  3. It equips you to lead and uplift others. When you survive the social, emotional, and mental effects of facial (or other) scars, all the way into adulthood, you feel an innate ability to lead and influence others in personal empowerment because you have become very skilled, not only in the topic, but in the people department. Your brokenness opens you up for ease of connection and sharing.

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Of course, the gift is mostly about choice
. At any point you can choose to NOT take the route of learning and growing, and for some (for whatever the individual reasons) it can be just too painful. I have never been suicidal by its exact definition, but I have prayed to die many times. When that obviously didn't happen, the only choice that made sense was to continue healing.

My biggest message NOW ... to the whole world as well as myself ... is that we ought never be ashamed of how we look. It's not my fault that I was born with a rare form of strabismus (the term for a misaligned eye) and that it is still obvious, depending on which way I turn my eye.

I look the way I do. It is me. My deformity has shaped my whole world. It has deepened empathy in me for others. It has led me to be an empowerment coach. It has taken me to personal development books, seminars, and courses. It has refined my character, my spirituality, my outlook, and even my sense of humor. It has made me a mother my son is proud to call Mom.

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