Lessons from the Red Dot

Oct 21, 2020
Libby chases her tail and the elusive red dot.

A laser pointer casts a red dot, and cats go NUTS trying to catch this slippery, sly teaser. Like cats, we chase illusory things too, and we have labeled our distractive behavior, "shiny objects syndrome."

Observe mindfully a cat chasing a red dot, and we undoubtedly see the ways we too waste our time. For us it is scrolling, binge watching, and doing anything that takes us away from engaging passionately and intentionally in our lives.


I am anything you do unconsciously and mindlessly. 

I am the Netflix season that promises you even more enjoyment in the next episode ... and the next ... until you have consumed a whole bag of popcorn, a soda pop, and a slice of pizza, but still feel empty inside.

I am the next online course that promises a solution for your procrastination in business, only to leave you with new tools that cannot heal your unresolved lack of self-discipline.

I am the world famous, multi-millionaire entrepreneur who you think you can emulate by simply getting all inspired by their words.

I am the next certification that will sign, seal, and deliver your qualifications to your door, except the packet never arrives with adequate experience that affords you the confidence to go out and market yourself. A certification is good, but don't be fooled into thinking it will take care of a lot of the actual, necessary grunt work for you.

I am ANYTHING you do that, by society's standards, ought to bring you joy, great relationships, and wicked success, but doesn't. I am actually anything that involves YOU NOT STEPPING UP to the plate called action steps. You know, the things that would move you towards your goals. These things:

- The buffet of real work
- The mountain of overcoming your deepest fears
- The lonely road of reckoning with the bite of insecurity
- The true evaluation of your gifts, skills, passion, and life purpose
- The steps ahead in spite of how un-ready you feel

I am the elusive red dot, and I will NEVER relent.

I have you in my grip, and I can easily own you when you do not use your own mind and self-discipline.

Do you hear me? I will own you!

But, to be fair, I will shine some light on what you must do to catch and conquer me.

Here is how:

Shut me off. Lay me on a shelf, or better still, refrain from buying me or switching me on in the first place. Toss me into the trash, if that's what it takes.

You CAN conquer me, and stop my silly enticements of things that will never fix you, fulfill you, or fill your tummy, mind, or heart with real nourishment.

But please hurry before I drain your energy, your bank account, your pride, your self-worth, and your dreams.

Invest your attention into what you REALLY want, instead of chasing another shiny object.

Start strategic daily actions that will move the needle in your business and life, towards a Life You Love.

Choose a goal. Decide to pursue it. Stop looking for the elusive RED DOT. It is nothing but a facade, a mirage. It is not real. Trust me. Even Libby, the cat, got depressed over it.

You must be mindful to live in this world as one who has a right to be here FULLY, living and doing business with your truest aspirations and your God-given personal power within to actually reach them.

You can beat laziness, tricks of shiny objects, and any other deceitful distractions that keep you from living your dream.

Do. The. Work. And the work will set you free.

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You're welcome! :)

Verna Bowen
Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker