Once you get clear on WHAT your purposeful mission is and WHY you are 100% sold out for it, and when you have set a daily practice in motion that centers around the vision, alignment, and purpose that is far bigger than yourself, then you begin to WIN

This is the step that gets missed over and over again, and yet without it all else in our business is weakened, including our marketing efforts.

- Verna

Women Coaches, Start Strong in 2022!
Your Success Blueprint Coaching

A Whole Month of UNLIMITED Assistance @40% Off + Bonuses! (THREE Spaces Only One Space Available Now)

What you'll get:

  • One Initial 90-Minute Strategy Session via Zoom Video (Recording Provided)
  • 30-Minute Sessions as necessary - UNLIMITED
  • Accountability (to be determined in initial session)
  • BONUS #1: Assistance creating (designing & writing) coaching packages and products
  • BONUS #2: Coaching Toolkit (customizable templates)
  • BONUS #3: 100 Empowering Journal Prompts
  • BONUS #4: First month of further coaching FREE (3-month package or more)

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sessions will include self-generated and/or co-created exercises to be completed before the next session.

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Regular price for a month of UNLIMITED COACHING is $997 USD (without bonuses).
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A Word from Clients and Course Participants

"I have utilized Verna’s coaching services twice over the past year (three months each time). I had set some goals for myself and needed someone to help me stay on task and break things down into bite-sized pieces for me. Verna was invaluable in this respect. I had to overcome many obstacles in my personal life from relationship trouble to the death of family members, and I surely would have let my goals fall by the wayside if I hadn't had Verna to gently nudge me along. She was an objective and supportive ear when I needed it, and she truly cares. I highly recommend her coaching services."  - Suzanne Hayes, Calgary, AB

"Verna takes you into a journey where you are able to meet your blocks to living the life you want to live. Her courses are very structured and her video training is informative and inspiring. She takes you through a process of listening within so that you can dream even bigger. That can be a scary thing, but the support you get from the group around you also helps you to take that step. I would encourage you to participate in one of Verna's courses!"  - Harriet Fagerholm, Coach and Author, Helsinki, Finland

"Verna helped me discover my possibility as a coach. Her belief in others is strong and true, and she is absolutely a joy to work with it. I highly Recommend Verna for those looking to thrive and succeed in their own coaching business."  - Natalie Fraser, Kidney Wellness Coach at Green Lifestyles Kidney Coaching, Calgary, AB, Canada

gained so much more clarity on my business vision and had an opportunity to reflect on my business on a deeper level. The homework that Verna encouraged us to do was exciting and extremely valuable. The whole challenge was based on the seven pillars, and it was straightforward to follow and apply them to my own business. In particular, I liked Verna's Facebook lives where I could feel and enjoy her energy, wisdom and clarity. I can genuinely say my time in this challenge was very well spent, and I am inspired to grow my business to help others. I can recommend Verna's challenge to anyone who feels they need substantial knowledge and encouragement to develop their coaching businesses or project. Thank you, Verna, for your dedication and wisdom." Lolita Reid, Clarity and Business Coach at EverChoice by LR, Vestfossen, Norway

"Verna has been a light in my life.  She is truly a gift, and I cannot say how grateful I am that we crossed paths.  No matter what may be happening in your life, I say if you are fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to be coached by Verna, then you have been blessed.  Verna, you have made a beautiful impact on me and my life.  Thank you from my heart."  - Rhonda Anderson, Calgary, AB

"Verna is able to engage the group in discussions that are close to everyone's heart, providing a comfortable safe environment, making everyone feel at ease. I would recommend attending any workshops that she is facilitating.” - H. Grant, Calgary

"Verna got me thinking.  She opened up my mind & heart to issues in my life that I need to work on to move forward.  Having her help me with some goal setting and getting started with journaling was a stepping stone in my journey to find peace & happiness in all aspects of my life!"  - Donna G., Calgary, AB